Andover Workers' Compensation

Work injury claimWorkers’ Compensation Attorney in Andover Massachusetts

The history of industry in Massachusetts, and in Andover specifically, helped lay the foundation for the laws and principles of the Workers’ Compensation system in the Commonwealth. In former times, an injury on the job could mean dismissal from your position and financial devastation. Fortunately, an injury on the job today doesn’t have to be the catastrophe it once was.

Your employer is required by law to carry Workers’ Compensation insurance to cover you and your fellow workers in the event of an injury or a work-related illness. Even though Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation laws favor you the worker, they are like any other insurance coverage—complicated.

Jumping through the hoops

To receive your workers’ compensation, you must notify your employer within a specified time after your injury. Failure to do so could cause your claim to be initially denied by the insurer. Like any insurance company, your employers workers’ compensation insurer scrutinizes every claim and will deny any claim that isn’t 100% accurate or may be questionable in any way.

Not only will the insurer review your initial claim but it will also monitor your recovery to determine when you are able to return to work or if your benefits should continue.

Playing fair

To help the insurer determine your benefits, it employs a legal team to review the details of your claim. Denial of your claim is often based on a legal technicality. For you to receive all the benefits you are entitled to, retaining an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to counter the lawyers representing the insurance company is your best defense.

The workers’ compensation attorneys at Pulgini & Norton know how to deal with insurance attorneys. We know the workers’ compensation laws and we know the benefits you deserve. We know how to overcome technicalities and the legal maneuvers of the insurance company. You should be focusing on getting well, not fighting legal battles.

Fighting for all of your benefits

No two work injuries are the same. Each is a unique situation with its own circumstances. The workers’ compensation laws are designed to handle nearly every specific case. But no one in the system is going to perform the necessary research to find all of your possible benefits. That is where your workers’ compensation attorney is different. He or she is in your corner.

You may have a case against the negligence of a third party or you may have the option for extended benefits based on your injury. You may also have injuries or work-related maladies you are living with that could be covered by workers’ compensation.

Call Pulgini & Norton for a free initial consultation to discuss your workers’ compensation claim. We can help you receive the benefits you deserve.