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Boston Lawyers Skilled in Real Estate Matters and Workers’ Compensation Claims

At Pulgini & Norton, an experienced Boston real estate attorney can assist you with a wide range of matters involving property transactions. We represent individuals and lenders in financing, purchases, sales, and other matters involving property transactions. We also advise injured employees on their right to workers’ compensation benefits and assist them in proceedings before the Department of Industrial Accidents (DIA). Pulgini & Norton is proud of providing our clients with attentive, individualized representation that is tailored to their specific needs.

Dedicated Representation in Property Transactions

The lawyers at Pulgini & Norton counsel individuals, boards, and lenders in various real estate matters. We carefully review and draft documents related to the purchase and sale of real property, including offers to purchase, purchase and sale agreements, and deeds. Whether you are the buyer or seller, we can advise you on how the provisions in these agreements affect your rights and obligations in the transaction. We also negotiate terms that protect your interests and help you tackle any issues that could undermine your ability to close the deal.

Our attorneys advise property owners on issues related to financing, tax, and zoning. If you want to get a mortgage or refinance your home, we can evaluate the terms of the loan and discuss their legal implications. For instance, you may need to put a co-borrower on the deed in order to refinance your mortgage. This can affect your ability to sell the property in the future.

We also counsel homeowners on property tax issues. You may qualify for certain exemptions or abatements that can reduce your tax liability. We can discuss whether any of these benefits may apply to you and file the necessary paperwork with the appropriate agency.

If you own property, you may want to build or make certain changes to it. The use of your property is subject to the zoning ordinance of the county where it is located. For example, if you have land in an area zoned for single-home residences, you may not be able to build a condominium on it. Unless the use complies with the zoning ordinance, you will need to obtain a special permit or variance to make the change. We can advise you on whether your planned use conforms to the applicable zoning rules and represent you before a zoning board of appeals if you choose to pursue a permit.

Protecting the Rights of Injured Employees

If you sustained a job-related accident, or if your workplace conditions made you sick, you may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. This insurance covers the cost of medical care associated with your injury or illness, a portion of your weekly wage, disfigurement benefits, and more. You will need to prove that your disabling condition left you out of work for at least five days, and that it was sufficiently severe to qualify for benefits.

While obtaining workers’ compensation may seem straightforward, many insurers often deny eligible claims. If your claim is denied, you will need to appeal the denial and any subsequent modifications to your benefits with the DIA. The dispute process may include a conciliation with a DIA representative and a conference or formal hearing with an administrative judge. You have to present evidence that shows the injury is related to your work, that it caused you to become disabled, and that you need certain types of medical care to treat it. Our attorneys can gather the necessary medical documents and effectively present your claim to the DIA.

You may also have a viable claim against a third party. If an architect, product manufacturer, or other contractor was negligent, you may file a personal injury lawsuit against it to recover damages. A third-party claim can affect any settlement you reach with your employer’s insurer in the workers’ compensation case. We can advise you on how these claims may affect each other and your benefits.

Discuss Your Real Estate or Workers’ Compensation Matter with a Boston Attorney

A Boston workers’ compensation lawyer at Pulgini & Norton can offer comprehensive legal representation to individuals who have been hurt in a workplace accident or who are buying or selling a home. We are dedicated to providing each person with thorough, detail-oriented service and legal counseling that suits his or her particular needs. Many of our clients come from Cambridge, Quincy, and Andover, as well as the nearby communities. For a confidential consultation, call us at 781-843-2200, or contact us through our online form today.