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Attleboro Real EstateBuying a home is both exciting and daunting. For many people in Attleboro, a residential property transaction is one of the most expensive deals that they will conduct over the course of their lives. It is important to retain a knowledgeable Attleboro real estate attorney who can help make sure that you understand the commitments that you are making during this process and advise you on the legal consequences of various decisions that you must make, such as choosing a home, selecting a mortgage, making an offer, and entering into a purchase and sale agreement.

Guidance in Real Estate Matters

Often, buyers and sellers work with multiple parties to buy or sell a home. They may, for example, work with multiple real estate agents. Each agent may believe that they deserve a commission for selling the home to the buyer. However, in most cases, only the agent who is the "procuring cause" of the purchase will receive a commission. In general, simply showing a property to a buyer does not entitle an agent to a commission. Similarly, making an introduction to a broker does not entitle a particular agent to a commission. The agent who sparks the buyer's interest in the property is usually considered the procuring cause for the purchase and has earned the commission.

Choosing a home may be a big decision. For many people in Attleboro, it is critical to find the right fit. For example, buyers need to consider which amenities and features of a property are right for them. Sometimes a condominium may have great amenities like a swimming pool or a gym, but if the buyer is not planning on using any of them, it may be better to get a single-family residence. As an elderly person with health problems, on the other hand, you may not have the energy to take care of the yard and other upkeep issues, and in these cases, it may be helpful to join a community of other people in a townhouse or condominium.

Another option for some individuals and families is a home in a planned unit development (PUD). In Massachusetts, this is a mixed-use development on a plot of land that is at least 65,000 square feet or five times a zoning district's minimum lot size. Homes in a PUD may include a mixture of single-family homes, condominiums, and commercial spaces. Although a home in a PUD might seem to be a single-family home, it is important to look out for a legal structure that makes the home more like a condominium, such as a monthly fee for shared amenities and a homeowners' association that takes care of issues like maintenance.

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Attleboro is considered part of the Providence metropolitan area. It is a former mill town with a population of about 45,000 people. For many people, buying a home for the first time is a dream. However, there are many pitfalls and potential problems to avoid when you are buying a home. People entering into a residential real estate deal should obtain knowledgeable legal counsel from a property transaction attorney. Contact the Attleboro real estate lawyers at Pulgini & Norton at 781-843-2200 or through our online form for a consultation.