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No matter where you work in or around Braintree; whether you work locally or commute, work injuries are part of every industry. It doesn’t matter if your injury is sudden and unexpected or gradual and chronic, you may find yourself unable to work; and ironically it is your employment that created your predicament.

The Workers’ Compensation Insurance that your employer is required to carry by law protects you from the financial devastation that can come from an injury on the job and the inability to earn a living. It also protects your employer from the liability that would accompany a lawsuit seeking for redress for your damages.

Protecting your benefits

Like all insurance, to receive your benefits after an injury, there are certain steps and information you must provide after your injury. These must be submitted within a specific time frame to the proper entities. For instance, you should inform your employer of your injury as soon as possible so they may begin the claim process with the insurance company. If any step is missed or a deadline not met, your claim may be denied.

To protect your needed benefits you should consult with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney as soon after your injury as possible. Not only will your attorney make sure all procedures are fulfilled to obtain your benefits, but they may also be able to identify additional benefits available to you due to the negligence of a third party.

Defending your claim

There exist many reasons the insurance company may attempt to deny your claim. During the process of Conciliation the insurance company will have attorneys present to represent their interests regarding your claim. The attorneys at Pulgini & Norton have over 50 years combined experience dealing with denied claims. They know the reasons why your claim may be denied and know how to legally stand toe to toe with the insurance attorneys to fight for your claim.

This is not a situation you will want to stand alone, unprepared and inexperienced; especially when it is easy to give us a call for a free consultation. We can take your mind off of fighting for your claim and get you back to concentrating on recovering from your injury.

Workers’ Compensation laws and regulations are fairly complicated especially considering the variety of injuries and industries it is trying to service. Pulgini & Norton has the experience to see that this important system works for you.