Workers' Compensation and Real Estate Lawyers Assisting Haverhill Residents

HaverhillSelling or buying a home is a huge investment of time and energy. In most cases, a seller or buyer is well served by consulting a knowledgeable attorney who can look into the details of the transaction and make sure the client's best interests are represented during negotiations and at closing. Similarly, filing a workers' compensation claim can have a significant impact on the quality of your life far into the future. At Pulgini & Norton, our Haverhill real estate attorneys and workers’ compensation lawyers care about the important decisions of people's lives. We can represent you in a property transaction or a claim for benefits.

Asserting Your Right to Benefits After a Workplace Accident

After suffering a job-related injury or occupational illness that lasts more than five days and that you have reported to your employer, you may start receiving compensation for your lost wages. Some workers make the mistake of assuming the workers' compensation insurance carrier has accepted liability because they are receiving benefits. However, the first 180 days after suffering an injury or illness are called a pay without prejudice period because the insurer can pay the claim without accepting liability. An insurer may ask you to extend the period for another 180 days. You should not extend the period without consulting an experienced attorney.

Your initial impression may be that the insurer is agreeing that it will pay you for this extension period. However, the insurer is simply deferring a final decision. During the first 180 days, it can stop paying you benefits at any time, but it must give you a reason for the denial of your claim. After the initial 180-day period is over, an insurer will need permission from you or a judge to stop or reduce your benefits. By giving it an extension, you extend the time in which it can stop without permission by giving you seven calendar days’ notice.

Representation in Buying or Selling a Home

There are many different options if you are interested in buying a home in Haverhill or elsewhere. In some cases, it is appropriate to look up multiple listing services to determine whether any houses with the exact criteria that you are seeking have been put on the market. Sometimes, however, it may be a better choice to buy a foreclosed home at auction or in an REO transaction.

Usually, lenders start the bidding at auction with the outstanding loan amount. However, when there are no bids, the lender may market the home as a bank real estate owned (REO) property. REO properties are often considered distressed properties and are purchased inexpensively. In some cases, lenders make repairs before they sell a property as an REO, but often they are sold as they are. It is important to understand that banks have fewer responsibilities in an REO transaction than a private citizen has when selling a home.

Enlist a Haverhill Attorney for a Workers’ Compensation or Real Estate Matter

Located in Essex County, Haverhill began as a farming community but became an industrial center. Because of its shoemaking industry, it was once known as Queen Slipper City. If you are entering into a property transaction in Haverhill or you need to file a claim for benefits after a workplace accident in the city, our Haverhill workers’ compensation lawyers and real estate attorneys are ready to help. Contact Pulgini & Norton at 781-843-2200 or through our online form for a free consultation.