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With its diverse and rich cultural history, Lawrence attracts people from around the world. The city is located just 25 miles northwest of Boston and is the county seat of Essex. The Merrimack River played a key part in its economic development as a textile producer for the U.S. and Europe. The city continues to rely on the textile and apparel industries, but companies in the technology, manufacturing, and healthcare sectors have also bolstered its economic growth. When a resident of Lawrence needs assistance on a legal matter, the real estate and workers’ compensation lawyers at Pulgini & Norton can provide experienced representation and dedicated client service.

Legal Guidance for Buying or Selling a Home

Property transactions in Massachusetts involve detailed and complex documents, as well as nuanced statutes and regulations. If you are buying or selling real estate, you will need to ensure that the purchase and sale agreement protects your interests while also moving the transaction closer to closing. A buyer, for instance, will have to conduct a title search to ensure there are no issues related to the seller’s ownership and use of the property. A seller will need to resolve any title concerns before it can convey what is considered clear and marketable title to the buyer, as required by state law. At Pulgini & Norton, we can advise you on the purchase and sale of real property in Lawrence.

Owners may also encounter challenges when they want to make changes to their property. Adding a new floor to your home, for instance, may require permission from the City of Lawrence Zoning Board of Appeals. Zoning and land use laws regulate the location, size, and function of buildings and other structures, as well as the general use of property in a particular area. For example, a locality may be zoned for certain residential properties, such as single-family homes, but not for multi-family housing or condominiums. If a real estate owner wishes to use its property in a way that is different from its current use, or if it wishes to construct certain types of structures in a particular area, it may need to obtain a special permit or variance from the Board.

Condominiums also can pose unique challenges. When someone purchases a unit (or interest) in one of these common-interest communities, he or she is also bound by the rules of its association. Trustees are elected to lead this organization and enforce its rules. Condominium and other forms of common-interest communities are governed by their bylaws as well as covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs). We assist condominium and homeowners’ associations in interpreting their governing documents and applicable law, and we help them take action to protect their interests.

Seek Benefits After an Accident on the Job

Individuals are often injured or become ill because of workplace conditions. When this happens, they can pursue workers' compensation benefits for their harm. Massachusetts employers must provide their employees with this form of no-fault insurance for job-related injuries or illnesses. Benefits under workers' compensation may include:

  • A percentage of lost wages based on the degree of the disability;
  • Reasonable and adequate medical coverage;
  • Payment for the loss of a physical function or disfigurement; and
  • Vocational retraining.

Insurers often deny initial claims by injured employees. The individual may then have to appeal the decision to the Department of Industrial Accidents. An insurer may also offer an injured worker a lump-sum settlement in lieu of wage benefits. These proposals should be carefully negotiated, since they can affect any action against a third party or the availability of Social Security Disability benefits. We can advise you on your right to workers' compensation and help you appeal any modifications or denials of your claim.

Consult a Lawrence Lawyer for a Property Transaction or After a Work Injury

At Pulgini & Norton, our work injury attorneys have over four decades of combined experience handling complex cases for clients in the Lawrence area. Our attorneys can advocate for your right to workers' compensation benefits if you become disabled because of your job. We also have significant experience in a broad range of property transactions. We can draft and negotiate critical documents to help protect your rights and pursue your interests. Call our office today at 781-843-2200 to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys. You can also contact us online through our website.