New Bedford

New Bedford

Fishing and manufacturing are two of the top three industries in New Bedford, Ma. Fishing in particular is considered a dangerous industry. But injuries and workers’ compensation claims due to fishing don’t compare to the number of reported injuries and claims reported by the healthcare industry, the third top industry in New Bedford.

Back strains, slipped discs, pulled muscles, needle sticks, and infections are just a few of the top reported injuries by the healthcare industry. Like any other industry in Massachusetts, Workers’ Compensation can compensate for the injuries and time needed to recover for healthcare workers. However, with so many ways to get injured and considering that these injuries don’t manifest with obvious outward signs, denied claims or recommendations to return to work early are often reported among healthcare workers.

Fighting for your workers’ compensation claim

At Pulgini & Norton, we are experienced in identifying and fighting for legitimate claims, no matter the industry. In the healthcare industry, needle sticks may seem harmless, yet serious infection, drug interactions, or psychological trauma may result from the incident. If your initial claim is denied the process of challenging your denial involves going up against the attorneys representing the insurance company. We know how to face this challenge and secure your claim on your behalf.

In other industries, repetitive motion injuries may manifest slowly until the victim is left helpless. These injuries often involve disagreements on timely reporting or even the level of the disability. We are knowledgeable on the subject of repetitive motion injuries and we consult with physicians and other professionals to determine the best course for your recovery.

Seeking for all of your benefits

You are a valuable employee. Your absence victimizes your employer as well. Your injury may have been caused by a faulty piece of equipment or tool that your employer purchased in good faith. Such a situation allows you to seek compensation from the third party responsible for manufacturing the machine or hardware.

Your attorney will seek every possible redress for your injuries so you may return back to work in full health. And if you need a longer recovery time, your attorney can help make sure your coverage continues for the proper length and for the right amount.

Making the system work for you

The purpose of Workers’ Compensation is to keep Massachusetts working. As your attorney we make sure that Workers’ Compensation works for you as well.