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Quincy is one of Boston’s closest suburbs. Its proximity to the state capital and miles of coastline make it a popular destination for families and real estate investors alike. At Pulgini & Norton, our property transactions lawyers offer skilled representation to Quincy residents and other individuals. We have more than four decades of combined experience advising and representing buyers, sellers, homeowners, and lenders in real estate arrangements.

Buying and Selling a Home

If you want to buy or sell a home, you will need to negotiate the terms of the sale with the other party. Buyers and sellers should review and negotiate the documents that govern the terms of the transaction: the Offer to Purchase and the Purchase and Sale Agreement. These documents are primarily based on standard forms. Each party should review the terms of the agreements to understand its obligations to the other, and to negotiate terms that protect its interests.

Depending on whether you are the seller or the buyer, you will have different concerns and obligations related to the transaction. Some terms to consider include:

  • The mortgage contingency clause. A buyer will typically want more time to explore its mortgage options and secure a loan with the most favorable terms. A seller, however, will want to give the buyer just enough time to secure financing without exposing the property to market fluctuations that could affect the asking price in the event the buyer is unable to finance the purchase.
  • The seller’s disclosures. The law only requires that a seller make limited disclosures to the buyer, such as whether there is lead on the property. Buyers should inspect the property for defects and come to a mutual understanding with the seller about how to cure any defects.
  • Title issues. A title search may show issues that could affect the seller’s ability to actually sell the property. For instance, there may be a tax or other lien on the property. These issues will have to be addressed before the sale is consummated.

Our attorneys have significant experience advising both sellers and buyers in the purchase and sales process.

Financing Real Estate

If you want to finance or refinance a mortgage, you should consider both the financial and legal implications of the terms of a particular loan. Your property serves as collateral for a mortgage, which means that the lender has the right to seize your home if you are unable to make your monthly payments. You should determine whether you can afford your monthly payments based on the interest rate, and whether any provisions in the note could affect your ability to sell or keep your property in the future. For instance, a prepayment penalty or balloon payment can make it difficult to refinance the mortgage in the future. If the note has an acceleration clause, certain events may trigger an early payment of the entire mortgage. For instance, if you drop the insurance on the property, the lender may require that you pay the remaining balance of your mortgage in full.

Beach-front Properties

Quincy is known for its coastline. If you own property along the water, your property rights extend to the edge of the beach under Massachusetts law. You have the right to prevent the public from accessing the beach on your property with limited exceptions. These exceptions include fishing, hunting for birds, and sailing.

You can also give the public permission to access the beach without losing your right to the property. For example, you can post a visible sign explicitly giving the public permission to enter the area during a specific timeframe. Our attorneys are familiar with beach access laws, and we can advise you if you have any concerns regarding your right to limit entry to your property.

Quincy Lawyers Offering Advice on Real Estate Matters

Pulgini & Norton is committed to providing knowledgeable legal guidance and representation to its clients. Our real estate attorneys represent individuals from Quincy in a broad range of property transactions, including purchase and sales, financing, local laws, and more. We can explain how the law affects your particular case, and we can help you assert and protect your rights and interests. For a consultation, call our office today at 781-843-2200. You can also reach us through our online form.