Randolph Real Estate

Investment risk and uncertainty in the real estate housing marketExperienced Property Transactions Attorneys Assisting Randolph Residents

The Town of Randolph is part of the Boston metropolitan area and is only 15 miles south of the capital. Its location makes it a popular place for families to settle and for businesses to set up shop. If you own property there, or are a prospective owner, you may have a real estate concern that requires thorough and client-focused representation. The property transactions lawyers at Pulgini & Norton offer knowledgeable counseling to Randolph residents in such matters. We represent and advise individuals and lenders in a broad range of legal issues.

Buying and Selling Real Estate

Purchasing or selling a home is often one of the most important transactions you will make. The process involves documents that detail your rights and responsibilities, as well as laws that could ultimately affect whether the deal is consummated. Whether you are buying a residential home or a condominium unit, it is important that you understand the documents and laws that are vital to the outcome of the transaction.

The Offer to Purchase spells out the buyer’s proposed offer to buy the property. It includes the price, the buyer’s inspection right, and the date by which the buyer has to complete the inspection. If the seller agrees to the terms of the offer, it will take the property off the market until the offer expires. The buyer and seller must enter into a Purchase and Sale Agreement before then. Otherwise, the seller can put the property back up for sale.

The Purchase and Sale Agreement governs the actions and rights of the parties through the closing. Each party will negotiate the terms of the agreement to ensure their respective concerns are addressed and that their rights are protected. Provisions that are typically negotiated include the mortgage contingency, which addresses how and by when a buyer should secure a mortgage, and any repair work that the seller needs to complete before the closing.

At the closing, the seller, buyer, and lender will need to execute and record various documents with the Registry of Deeds to complete the conveyance. We can explain the documents you are signing, ensure they are properly executed and recorded, and distribute funds in a timely manner.

Taxes and Your Home

If you own a home in Randolph, you may have questions regarding the taxes you owe on your property. Property taxes are generally assessed in January, and they are based on the property’s value, improvements, and the type of ownership. An exemption or abatement could reduce your tax liability if you qualify. An exemption is a deduction on your taxes. You can qualify for a personal exemption if, for example, you have a financial hardship and are over age 70. An abatement reduces your property’s assessed value if there was an error in how it was assessed. You must apply every year for an exemption or abatement. Our attorneys can discuss whether you may qualify for an abatement or exemption and assist you with the process.

Insuring Your Home

You can insure your property in case of fires, theft, or other damage. An insurance policy can cover damage to your real and personal property, medical payments for any injuries, and the cost of living arrangements while your home is under repair. Your lender may require that you get and keep homeowners insurance as a term of your mortgage. If you drop your insurance, it could trigger an acceleration of the balance due on your loan. Insurance policies typically last one year, so it is important that you renew on a timely basis to avoid any issues with your lender. We can review an insurance policy and mortgage, and advise you on their terms.

Discuss Your Real Estate Needs with a Randolph Lawyer

At Pulgini & Norton, our experienced real estate attorneys are committed to capable representation and dedicated service for clients in the Randolph area and elsewhere. We have over 40 years of collective experience advising and representing individuals in a variety of property transactions, including purchases and sales, taxation, zoning, and other related issues. We can carefully review and negotiate documents on your behalf and advise you on how the law affects your matter. Call our office today at 781-843-2200, or contact us online to schedule a consultation with us.